For Brompton 頭柱摺位扣 / Handle bar catcher bolt sets


For Brompton 頭柱摺位扣 / Handle bar catcher bolt sets



BTP-52A 銀色配銀色鏍絲
BTP-52B 金色配金色鏍絲
BTP-52C 黑色配黑色鏍絲
BTP-52AB1 銀色配金色鏍絲
BTP-52AG1 銀色配黑色鏍絲
BTP-52BA1 金色配銀色鏍絲
BTP-52BG1 金色配黑色鏍絲
BTP-52GA1 黑色配銀色鏍絲
BTP-52GB1 黑色配金色鏍絲

New Colors Available now
The new Handle bar catcher bolt sets is much more lighter and simple than the orginal Brompton parts. Made by Titanium (Ti-6AL-4V), available now, please contact our dealer for more info.

Part No.:
BTP-52A Silver with Silver Bolt
BTP-52B Gold with Gold Bolt
BTP-52C Black with Black Bolt
BTP-52AB1 Silver with Gold Bolt
BTP-52AG1 Silver with Black Bolt
BTP-52BA1 Gold with Silver Bolt
BTP-52BG1 Gold with Black Bolt
BTP-52GA1 Black with Silver Bolt
BTP-52GB1 Black with Gold Bolt

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